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In Herzegovina there are many beautiful and famous natural landmarks, such as the falls of Kravica. These consist of several waterfalls near the city of Ljubuški and a popular spot for the local people, to take a bath in the hot Herzegovinian weather, or just to enjoy the view.

The Hutovo Blato is a bird reserve, one of the most important in Europe and a gathering place for many international ornithologists.
Vjetrenica cave is a cave system near the border with Croatia, in the Ravno municipality. The cave has not been explored totally yet but it is open for visitors. More and more species are being discovered there and it is a unique ecosystem with cave animals and other interesting things.
Blagaj is also famous as the origin of the river Buna, inside a cave system.
Neum at the Adriatic Sea, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s only coastal town, is also a popular tourist attraction.
Medjugorje has one of the most visited sites in the Bosnia and Herzegovina where each year more than 1 million people visit.


Country Herzegovina

Sports & nature

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a sportsman’s paradise, with a range of water sports, winter sports and adventure activities on offer. The capital, Sarajevo, hosted the 1984 Olympic Winter Games. Hiking and walking through the highlands and white-water rafting and kayaking down some of Europe’s most testing rivers is exciting and fun for beginners and pros alike. Further options include fishing, mountain biking and paragliding.Eco AdventuresThe Central Dinaric Alps offer wild and untouched wilderness which are a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The diversity of the landscapes and eco-systems has created a stunning example of the wonders of nature. Trekking through the mountains and sampling the ancient lifestyles flourishing in the highlands are memorable experiences. White-water rafting and kayaking can be enjoyed on some of Europe’s most challenging rivers with a range of difficulty levels available. Visitors can also find world class fly fishing rivers and an abundance of animal life, including bears, wolves, chamois, eagles and deer for nature watching. Mountain biking, paragliding and fishing can also be enjoyed in the mountains and rivers.

Nightlife info

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital, has some of the best nightlife in southeast Europe. In addition to numerous cosmopolitan bars and nightclubs there is also a wealth of cinemas and theatres, along with music venues that stage everything from jazz to opera. The city apparently has more cafes per capita than any other European city and a relaxed cafe culture is prevalent. There are also several annual festivals, particularly in the summertime, that showcase jazz, theatre and film.

Culture and history info

History. The current Bosnia and Herzegovina is a product of an interesting cultural, political, and social story. It started with the emergence of Illyrian civilizations, which evolved into the Bosnian Kingdom. The kingdom eventually became an annexation of the Ottoman Empire and later, the Austro Hungarian Monarchy.

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